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3 Naturipe Bentos and 2 Berry Parfaits

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Naturipe Snacks are easy go-to snacks with fresh blueberries, nuts, cheeses, and better-for-you sweets.


Two flavors for Naturipe Bentos

Naturipe Snacks are the Easy Go-To Snacks in the Produce Department

I know I’m not alone in my quest for the perfect easy snack. If your household is like mine it is all about making the healthy choice the easy choice! 

This is why I always stock up on Naturipe Snacks when I’m at the grocery store. Yes: we work with Naturipe at The Produce Moms and they have been incredible partners in our quest to build TPM to be the best resource and community in the world focused on fruits & vegetables. But: I would buy Naturipe Snacks regardless of my business relationship with this brand.

5 Reasons I Love Naturipe Snacks

  1. Only snack items in the entire grocery store that use FRESH blueberries
  2. With so many flavors, all with expertly-chosen culinary combos, there is a snack for ALL your cravings: fresh, savory, sweet, cheesy, crunchy, etc. No snack fatigue or boredom!
  3. Affordable. It would cost me 3x the price to buy all the ingredients individually to DIY these snacks at home.
  4. Convenient. Think quick and satisfying breakfast, on-the-go snack that you can throw in your handbag while running out the door, perfect for the ballpark cooler, and more.
  5. Delicious. It’s food. It has to taste good. And Naturipe Snacks are delicious!

The newest product in the Naturipe Snacks line is a Berry Parfait that features fresh Naturipe Blueberries, Chobani yogurt, and the perfect portion of granola. It’s an ideal option for breakfast, but also a really easy addition to our baseball tournament cooler or the boys’ lunch boxes. Also, I am waiting for this snack to be sold at every airport. “I don’t fly often, but when I do, I want a Naturipe Berry Parfait.” 

Two Naturipe Berry Parfaits

The Vanilla Crunch™ Berry Parfait is my current favorite but the DoubleBerry Crunch™ is the favorite of both of my sons. So, try them both and see which one you like the best!

Bliss Bento™ is a snack from heaven. All three of the flavors are my snacking kryptonite. They are 200 – 220 calories for the ENTIRE bento. Snack sweet AND smart with the Berry Lemony, Salty Caramelicious, or the Chocolate Cheer. (Just wait until you try the cocoa dusted chickpeas in the Chocolate Cheer! You will think they are chocolate malt balls!)

Naturipe Snacks™ Bentos: Nutrition On the Go

The OG of the Naturipe Snack line is the Boost Bento. You always love the original. The Boost Bento has stood the test of time because it’s the ultimate combo and packed with fresh Naturipe berries AND protein. The Boost Bento has two flavors and both include fresh fruit, almonds, and cheese. It’s like a mini charcuterie tray. Perfect for lunch, an evening snack, or even an office pitch-in!

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In summary: I’m obsessed with all the Naturipe Snacks. This is my love letter. Thanks for reading it.

Naturipe Bentos and Yogurts with backpack, binoculars and shoes

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You can learn more about Naturipe Snacks from a recent podcast episode all about the Naturipe Snack Division.
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