8 Produce Shopping Habits of Millennial Moms at the 2014 National Grocers Association Show

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We all know that we have an obesity problem in this country—this is clearly no secret. However, what is less clear is how we fix that dilemma.

Millennial Moms are bombarded with media warnings about childhood obesity & the pressure to ensure this doesn’t happen to our kids. However, we’re also bombarded with contradictory stories about how to achieve this goal. Paleo! Sugar Detox! Perimeter Store Shopping! Are grains good or bad? Do frozen veggies offer the same nutrition as fresh?

As The Produce Mom, my mission is to encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables! All produce is good for you! I always tell people – choose the produce that is best for you and your family. Just make sure you choose lots of fruits and vegetables! However, when you throw busy schedules & tight budgets into the mix, there is simply too much inconsistent data for any normal person to know which foods are nutritious, delicious, convenient & affordable.

So when I was asked to speak to a room full of grocery store owners & managers at the National Grocers Association (NGA) Show, I knew it was an opportunity to communicate the viewpoint of the consumer. Grocery store executives want to know as much as they can about the shopping habits of Millennial Moms (& Dads too!) More importantly, they need to know how to help us in our quests to feed our families more fruits & vegetables.

To best communicate with the executives at NGA, I needed more than casual observations. I needed some facts collected from the demographic with the most powerful purchasing power at the grocery story—Millennial Moms!

8 Produce Shopping Habits of Millennial Moms


View the entire consumer study here:  “8 Produce Shopping Habits of Millennial Moms.”

It was an honor to be 1 of the leaders for the Produce Workshop at the 2014 National Grocers Association Show! I’m so excited about the large crowd that came out to hear all about The Produce Mom! As you know, The Produce Mom is dedicated to helping everyone in the industry become more connected to the consumer. I’m on the right track – I got a few people to tweet for the first time yesterday!!

NGA 2014 has been great so far! The show had a record-setting attendance level of over 3,000 attendees yesterday!

The Produce Mom @ NGA

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Fresh Approach


Produce Mom

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