3 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

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Hot! Hot! Hot! The summer heat has definitely hit its peak by this time of the year.  It is extremely important to be aware of the increasing temperatures & to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.  As a motivator to consume water, I am here to introduce you to infused water! They are one of the healthiest, and most refreshing drink choices for the hot summer months.

I came across water infusions a few years ago & ever since, they have been my go-to summer drink.  The delightful mixture of fruit or vegetables, herbs & water is the perfect concoction, and allows me to easily consume the recommended amount of water each day, without adding any unnecessary calories. Not only are they a great way to stay hydrated, water infusions also provides the opportunity to work a serving of fruit into your diet!

Most importantly, these drinks are extremely kid-friendly! This is a great opportunity to show your kids the benefits & versatility of fruit! Replace the juice boxes with fun fruit infused water for your kids this summer. Even better, take your kids to the grocery store & allow them to pick out their favorite fruits and/or veggies to add to their water.

Here are a few of my FAVORITE infused water recipes!

Cucumber Water

Source: Nature Fresh Farms








Strawberry, Orange & Mint Water

Source: Simple Vegan Blog











Blackberry & Sage Water

blackberry water infusion
Source: Style Me Pretty










Remember that I have only shared a few of the unlimited options for water infusion recipes! The ability to add & mix your favorite produce flavors together is just another advantage to these summertime drinks.

Have your own unique water infusion recipe? Share it today with your friends, family & other produce moms to help everyone stay hydrated this summer season 🙂


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  1. These recipes look enticing! Perfect for my plans next year to really lose weight. It would be perfect for my infuser water bottle.

    1. Briana – Stay on track! Almost 2 weeks down in 2016… I hope you are feeling better with your healthier lifestyle!