Skinny Souping®: Eating Well On The Go

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Ask any mom and they’ll tell you, eating healthy on the go is one of life’s biggest daily challenges. Do you find yourself choosing between convenience or nutrition? Skinny Souping® has turned this into a false choice. Their line of plant-based, real ingredient soups makes it easy to have a nutritious and delicious meal on the move. 

Skinny Souping®: Eating Well On The Go

Skinny Souping® is a line of sippable soups made from simple, real ingredients and never any preservatives. Read the label on the back of any of their soups and you’ll find a short list of ingredients — all of which you can read and recognize! These veggie and broth-based soups are always fresh, always nourishing, and always delicious. 

All of their soups are packaged in modern BPA-free jars. Enjoy them chilled or heated. The container is microwave safe so there is no need for bowls or spoons — simply sip and enjoy.

Skinny Souping broccoli soup

Skinny Souping® is a fridge staple — a grab-and-go option you’ll want to always have on hand. Sip them in the car, at your desk, at the playground, or the ballpark. Having a nourishing meal on hand at all times makes it easier to avoid impulsive snacking that leads to regrets later. 

Skinny Souping tomato spicy soup

Listen to Alison Velázquez, CEO and founder of Skinny Souping® on The Produce Moms podcast. 

Skinny Souping® is available in many yummy flavors including Carrot Lentil Turmeric, Red Pepper Chickpea Basil, Butternut Squash Coconut Curry, Tomato Ancient Grains, Broccoli Lemon Arugula, and Spicy Super Greens.

Find a store near you that sells Skinny Souping®. 

Which Skinny Souping® flavor is your favorite? Share a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite flavor on-the-go using the hashtag #SouperHealthy.

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