How to Select Rutabagas

  • Select rutabagas that are firm and heavy for their size.
  • Avoid rutabagas that are squishy, shriveled, sprouting, or have large blemishes.

How to Store Rutabagas

How To Store Rutabagas: Rutabagas will last for months if stored correctly. Keep them in a cool, dark place like a root cellar or in a refrigerator. Place them in a loose unsealed plastic bag before putting them in a refrigerator. Do not wash rutabagas until just prior to using them.

How To Freeze Rutabagas: Chop into cubes and blanch in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Drain and cool completely. Place the cubes into freezer containers or bags and freeze. For the best taste, use within 10 months.


How to Serve Rutabagas