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You have probably already started purchasing PINK items at the grocery store in anticipation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month… I know I have already started buying them!  Some of these items give back to charity, some do not.  But all these pink products help raise awareness & encourage us women to educate ourselves on the preventative care.  I enjoy buying the items adorned with the awareness ribbon & pink packaging during October.  Plus, if you’re like me, I might look for the pink products in the fall, but when summer comes around – I don’t forget the fact that specific brands were dedicated to participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the Produce Department, Peri & Sons Farms raises the bar for Breast Cancer Awareness & cause marketing.  Not only are their onions really good, but each year Peri & Sons Farms offers their famous Sweetie Sweet onion, as well as their reds, whites & yellows in adorable PINK bags  AND they make an annual donation to breast cancer research & education.  I love their approach, because they empower their consumers aka YOU & I with the decision making for this charitable giving.  Please visit their website & vote for your favorite charity that is dedicated to breast health awareness, research and/or support.

More to come over the next several weeks on Sweetie Sweets – it’s one of my favorite varieties of onions.  In the meantime, look for the Peri & Sons onions in the pink bag next time you shop!!!  Your purchase will support this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness charity of choice!  The bags may have white, yellow, red or Sweetie Sweet onions inside.  It doesn’t really matter, honestly, because each PINK bag will offer you “Good Onions. Great Cause.”

Meet Peri & Sons Farms

All my love to those of you who are affected by Breast Cancer.  I look forward to working with Peri & Sons Farms in October & doing our part to raise awareness.

xoxo Produce Mom


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