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Maximize the shelf life of berries with proper handling and storage techniques.

We teamed up with our brand partner, Naturipe Farms, to create a helpful infographic on how to store and handle berries.

Berries are a fan-favorite in the produce department. They’re affordable, fun and easy to eat, and packed full of delicious flavor! One common question we receive about berries is proper storage and handling techniques. Learning how to store and handle berries properly is extremely important, due to the short shelf life of many varieties. Even though many of us tend to devour our berries the second we get home from the grocery store, it’s always beneficial to know how to maximize the shelf life of your berries.

Shelf life of berries | How to store and handle berries to maximize shelf life

Naturipe is a farmer-owned producer of healthy, good-for-you fresh berries grown by family farmers in the most optimal growing regions throughout North and South America. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries are Naturipe’s specialty. Plain and simple — they are berry experts!

The infographic below provides several berry storage tips, such as what containers to use and the ideal temperature for berries. Listed at the bottom of the graphic is the average shelf life of five different berry varieties. If the proper storage and handling techniques are used, you can expect your berries to reach the higher end of that average.

Additionally, when selecting a carton of berries at the grocery store, always remember to select berries that are on the firmer side. This means that they are in their earlier stages of the ripening cycle, and tend to last longer after purchase.

Shelf life of berries | How to store and handle berries to maximize shelf life

Did you overbuy on berries? It happens! Click here to learn how to freeze berries for later use. 

Do you have a question about selecting, storing, or serving berries? Leave your question in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer it.

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