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5/18/2013 – The Produce Mom welcomes North Bay Produce to her family of trusted partners. North Bay offers its customers a year-round supply of a variety of fresh produce, due to its network of domestic and Latin American growers. “There’s so much culture represented in this company,” says Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom.



1/10/2019 – McAlister’s Deli and The Produce Mom announce the launch of “Produce Mom Picks” to help consumers enjoy more fresh produce while dining out. Customers at Indiana’s sixteen McAlister’s Deli locations will benefit from The Produce Mom Picks Menu to help choose some of McAlister’s items that use fresh fruits and vegetables.


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6/18/2014 – When sharp business intuition met experience and opportunity, The Produce Mom was born.Lori Taylor had worked for Indianapolis Fruit Co. Inc. for nine years, the last two as inside sales manager for the large produce distributor. Taylor spoke Spanish, so she was assigned to develop sales with Indiana’s Mexican bodegas



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5/19/2015 – INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – The Produce Mom®, the blog and consumer brand of Indianapolis Fruit Company will be sold to Lori Taylor, the author of The Produce Mom and Consumer Marketing Manager of Indianapolis Fruit Company.


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5/21/2015 – Josie’s Organics and The Produce Mom are asking fans of fresh vegetables, “Who inspires you in the kitchen?” and giving home cooks everywhere the chance to win a pack of kitchen prizes for sharing their answers on Pinterest.


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8/14/2015 – Grapery is partnering with the Produce Mom to educate consumers on selecting, storing and serving grapes notably the Bakersfield, Calif.-based grower-shipper”s Cotton Candy variety.The joint effort started Aug. 11 during Taylor”s monthly television appearance on the “Indy Style” show in Indianapolis.


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9/8/2015 – Over the last few years, while many of us have been trying to buy more seasonally, Lori Taylor, the produce-industry expert who writes The Produce Mom blog blog gladly buys fruit she knows has been in storage, or on a ship, for a few months. She didn’t hesitate to purchase Honeycrisp apples when she saw them in stores in June, even though she knew they were grown late last year. Taylor explains that such produce (most often apples, bananas, kiwifruit, persimmons, tomatoes, cantaloupes and avocados) is stored in climate-controlled rooms and has had all the oxygen sucked out of it to drastically slow down the fruit-ripening process.


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4/4/2016 – Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Wada Farms is the latest grower-shipper to join The Produce Mom’s group of partners.“The Produce Mom is a noble voice for the fresh produce industry, a marketing force rooted in the supply chain,” Eric Beck, Wada Farms’ director of marketing, said in the release.


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7/6/2016 – Stores in Kroger’s Central Division will see a lot more produce marketing efforts thanks to a new partnership with The Produce Mom.In stores, produce departments will display The Produce Mom’s Produce Challenge, a monthly calendar that encourages shoppers to eat more fruits and vegetables and shop the entire department.



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8/18/2016 – Lori Taylor, also known as The Produce Mom, is based in Indianapolis and echoes the same thought: “I think we’re seeing a resurgence of the attitude that all produce is good for you.”


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3/28/2017 – The Produce Mom®, a produce advocacy brand and media outlet focused on educating about the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, is helping provide paid jobs for high school students with disabilities.A group of talented teens has produced over 80 recipe videos for The Produce Mom.


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3/30/2017 – Lori Taylor used her 10-year career at Indianapolis Fruit Company and relationships with growers to create a brand, which is also now her alias — The Produce Mom ®.Taylor’s primary job at Indy Fruit was to sell fruits and vegetables to various grocery stores, ranging in size from juice bars to Kroger.


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7/7/2017 – Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom will speak in Visalia July 14-15
The Produce Mom, Lori Taylor will speak about her media platform at the 2017 Ag In the Classroom Annual Meeting in Visalia.



7/11/2017 – I had so much fun preparing the new Josie’s Organics Cauliflower Recipes on Indy Style this month… Cauliflower really is one of the world’s most perfect foods! I know you are all getting excited for “The Big Game” this weekend, new ways for you to add 2015’s hottest veggie to your tailgate menu.


7/28/2017 – This month instead of featuring a classroom teacher, we are highlighting an informal agricultural educator! In just TWO WEEKS The Produce Mom will be at the California Ag in the Classroom Conference to speak to educators about fresh produce. Don’t miss your chance to hear from this rockstar


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10/10/2017 – The Produce Mom, started five years ago by Lori Taylor as a blog for Indianapolis Fruit Co., is now The Produce Moms, an educational media brand with a national focus.“I believe that if we are going to change the way America eats and establish a preference for fresh produce, we have to start at the source and build an community of moms, children and school professionals that want to see positive change.


11/2/2017 – Consumer Focus – What Do Moms Think of Mexican Produce? When Moms go shopping, what do they look for in the fresh produce department? And what are their opinions about Mexican fresh fruits and vegetables? Lori Taylor, a.k.a. The Produce Mom, surveyed her online audience to find out.


12/6/2018 – To celebrate the inspiration and passion behind the Cosmic Crisp, PVM has selected a unique group of initial partners . “Imagine the Possibilities” will come to life through partnerships with The Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem, Missoula Children’s Theatre and The Produce Moms, among others to be announced.


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12/6/2018 – Lori Taylor, founder of The Produce Moms, is the first of several influencers who will promote the apple “off and online,” according to the release.
The retail launch will be in the fall of 2019 when apple harvest resumes in Washington.
Marketing firm McDill Associates is the lead agency for the multi-year marketing campaign, and Ellipses Public Relations will handle social media and public relations for Cosmic Crisp.


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5/16/2013 – The Produce Mom is an exciting new brand, growing public figure and spokesperson for the global produce industry. That in itself is cool, but Indy with Kids is especially excited about The Produce Mom because she is an Indianapolis mom like you and me.


12/10/18 – PVM is partnering with The Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem, Missoula Children’s Theater, and The Produce Moms to help promote ‘Cosmic Crisp’ upon launch.



12/11/18 – The Produce Moms®. More partnerships will be announced as the campaign progresses, and the launch of this new apple variety draws near.


Lori Taylor, otherwise known as The Produce Mom, is always looking for healthy, interesting recipes for moms on the go. She’s committed to finding the best produce year round even when some products are “out of season”. Lori believes that you can find anything in season anywhere, anytime.


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Entertaining with Vegetables with Chadwick Boyd and The Produce Mom” Food & lifestyle expert Chadwick Boyd teams up with Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom, for the midwest leg of his national tour to show modern moms how to turn vegetables , delicious dishes that will steal the show at the family dinner table or a fabulous dinner party.