Caprese Skewers

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We absolutely love a quality caprese salad, which means these Caprese Skewers are just as a great! It’s a fun twist on a salad classic. And we say it time and time again, everything is better on a stick!

Caprese Skewer Ingredients

Step 1:In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, Italian seasoning, cracked red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and salt.

How to Make Caprese Skewers

Step 2: Add in the mozzarella balls. Gently toss to coat. For ultimate flavor, let them marinate in the fridge overnight before assembly).

How to Make Caprese Skewers

Step 3: Assemble the skewers in this order: thread a NatureSweet Constellation® tomato, folded basil leaf, marinated mozzarella ball, another folded basil leaf, and finish with a NatureSweet Constellation® tomato.

How to Make Caprese Skewers