Mini Bell Pepper Nachos

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Did you know that Mini Bell Pepper Nachos can be made in an air fryer? They are super simple to make and are quite the crowd favorite! These low-carb nachos are loaded with tomatoes, cheese, green onion, black olives, jalapeño and cilantro.

Mini Bell Pepper Nacho Ingredients

Step 1:  Preheat your Air Fryer to 390°F for approximately 3 minutes. Line or spray your Air Fryer basket/tray. Add the halved and seeded NatureSweet® Mini Sweet Peppers to the basket/tray of your air fryer.

How to Make Mini Bell Pepper Nachos

Step 2:  Sprinkle on the shredded cheese. Top with black olives and jalapeno slices.

How to Make Mini Bell Pepper Nachos

Step 3:  Cook for 10-12 minutes. Cheese should be bubbling and beginning to brown. Remove from the air fryer and top with green onions, Cherubs®, and chopped cilantro! Serve with salsa and sour cream for dipping, if desired.

How to Make Mini Bell Pepper Nachos