Cheese Charcuterie Board

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Whether you’re having a date night with wine, entertaining friends for a BBQ, or want a quick and easy weeknight meal, the charcuterie cheese board is where it’s at. No cooking required. You’re good to go for an easy and filling meal or snack with just a few raw ingredients, minimal chopping, and plating.

Ingredients Needed for Cheese Charcuterie Board

How to Make a Cheese Charcuterie Board

Step 1: Lay your charcuterie board in front of you so your workspace is ready. Use The Cheese Knife to smoothly cut your cheeses into bite-size pieces — rectangles, triangles, or cubes. Cut each type of cheese into the same shape for an elevated cheese board or keep it simple and cut all the cheese the same. Step 2: Evenly arrange the cheese onto your board. Place it in the corners, the middle, in a straight line, curved, swirly — get creative. Step 3: Put the honey and jam into separate ramekins or small bowls. They should have at most half an inch of room at the top.

How to Make a Cheese Charcuterie Board

Step 4: Fold each salami piece in half and stand them up with the open side down. Press the salami pieces together and use the cheese and ramekins to help keep them in place. Step 5: Next, arrange your colorful fruits between the empty spaces around your board. Add the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and avocado. Make it colorful. Step 6: Last, add crackers, dried apricots, dates, brownies, and olives. Add the dry ingredients right onto your board or into a small bowl for each ingredient. Step 7: Garnish with herbs or serve as is. Enjoy!.