Wedge Salad Board

When it comes to entertaining friends and family, we are all about quick, easy and delicious! This Wedge Salad Board checks all those boxes.

Allow guests classic wedge salad toppings options to top their baby iceberg lettuce with to make their own salad. Not to mention, prep and clean up are a breeze!


– Baby Iceberg Lettuce  – Red Onions – Crispy bacon – Tomatoes – Bleu Cheese Crumbles – Colby Cheese Cubes  – Cucumbers  – Hard Boiled Eggs

Next, prepare your lettuce. Cut the lettuce in half. Remove the outside leaf. Once the outside leaves are removed, cut the head of lettuce in half.


On a prepared tray, serving or cutting board (either parchment paper or food approved tray), place 3 bowls and fill with the dressings, placing a spoon in each.

Around the bowl of dressing place all salad items that you are going to be using.

On the outside, place the Baby Iceberg wedges for each guest. Served and enjoy!

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