Tiger Birthday Party Idea

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If you are hosting an upcoming Tiger-themed Birthday Party or looking for a fun way to get your child(ren) to try new fruits, these Tiger mandarin oranges are sure to be a hit!

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Let’s just take a moment and enjoy these super cute Tigers made out of mandarin oranges! Who wouldn’t want to eat these little guys?


mandarin oranges


chocolate chips

melted chocolate

How to Make Tiger Mandarin Oranges:

First, peel two mandarin oranges. Take one mandarin orange and peel each orange slice apart. These will be the ears.

Now that the oranges are prepared, use toothpicks to secure the ears at the top of the orange.

Next for the eyes, use melted chocolate and place a small dot of chocolate before covering with a chocolate chip. The melted chocolate will help hold the chocolate chips in place.

Create lines on the side of the orange with the melted chocolate along with his eyebrows and a mouth.

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