Sheet Pan Apple Pancakes

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A fun twist on your favorite breakfast, these sheet pan apple pancakes are sweetened with some delicious Honeycrisp apples.

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These sheet pan apple pancakes are easy-to-make and avoids the messiness of traditional pancakes! Plus, you can get the rest of your breakfast ready while this is baking.


apple slices


ground flax

baking powder




How to Make Sheet Pan Apple Pancakes:

Preheat oven to 400F. Grease a 13 x 18 sheet pan with cooking spray. Whisk together flour, flax, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.

In a bowl, beat together eggs, 4 tbsps. melted butter, maple syrup, vanilla, and milk.

Stir flour mixture into wet ingredients. Pour into the sheet pan and spread evenly.

Arrange sliced apple over the top of the batter and brush with melted butter and cinnamon sugar mixture. Bake 20 – 22 minutes until golden brown.

Once baked, let cool for 10-15 minutes. Serve with extra fresh apple slices, ice cream or caramel sauce. Enjoy!!

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