Apple Salad Recipe

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe.

Crunchy Envy™ Apple Salad on Croissants is just what you need! Similar to the classic Waldorf salad, this light, airy apple salad is held together with Greek yogurt rather than mayo for a lighter flavor. It’s the perfect recipe to enjoy in the warm spring weather.

Apple Salad


4 people




15 Minutes




- Envy Apples - lemon juice & zest - celery - grapes - pecans - fresh dill - kosher salt - plain greek yogurt - croissants

Step 1 Prepare your ingredients: dice apples, slice the grapes in half, dice the celery.

How to Make Crunchy Apple Salad

Step 2 Toss the produce and the remaining ingredients into a bowl and stir until combined.

How to Make Crunchy Apple Salad

Step 3 Serve on buttery croissants!

How to Make Crunchy Apple Salad