How to Make a Easter Bunny Strawberry Parfait

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Easter is such a fun time of the year, especially with younger children. If you are entertaining for Easter, we suggest this Easter Bunny Inspired Strawberry Parfait.


2 servings






– 32 oz container of strawberries, sliced – 6 1/2 oz whipped cream – 8 jumbo marshmallows – 12 oz ink sugar crystals – 1/4 cup sugar – 1 angel food cake or pound cake, cut into cubes – 12 oz. white chocolate shavings or coconut shavings – chocolate chips for eyes


Step 3 In the bottom of the trifle glass, pour a little bit of the strawberry juice. Add a layer of angel food cake (or pound cake cubes). Then a layer of whipped cream, add some strawberry slices. Continue to repeat with whipped cream being the finishing ingredients.

How to Make a Easter Bunny Strawberry Parfait


Step 4 On the top of the whipped cream, add a small, rounded piece of cake. Cut a marshmallow diagonally and cut off the corners. Dip the cut side into pink sugar crystals to form the ears. Dip the small corner cut pieces in sugar to form a little nose Add chocolate chips for the eyes.

How to Make a Easter Bunny Strawberry Parfait

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