How to Cut an Onion

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Learn How to Cut an Onion with  different cut types. All the various onion cuts in today's guide will suit different dishes and cooking techniques.

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When it comes to cutting anything in the kitchen, a sharp knife is a must! You should never have to force the knife to go through any ingredient that you are cutting.

you'll learn:

dice (small cuts)

chop (medium cuts)

chunk (large cuts)


onion rings

How to Dice An Onion (Small):

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, slice the onion every 1/8″.

Next, from the top, slice the onion 1/8″. Lastly, run your knife down the side of the onion for nice evenly diced onions!

Starting at the bottom, slice every 1/4″ all the way through before the root so you keep it intact.

How to Chop An Onion (medium):

Next, slice from the top and the side again 1/4″. Finally, run your knife down the side 1/4″.

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