Growing Cucumbers? 7 Tips for a Massive Harvest

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Are you interested in learning how to grow cucumbers? You don’t need to be a professional farmer to yield a big harvest of cucumbers.

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Choosing the right time to plant your cucumbers is crucial. While you can typically buy cucumbers at the grocery store year-round, you can’t always grow them year-round.




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Tips for a Massive Harvest

Plant For Early Morning Sun. Plant your cucumbers in a spot where they can receive 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Cucumbers grow best in great soil. Rich, fertile soil is necessary for cucumbers to grow and thrive, and the soil also needs to be light and airy to allow for good drainage.

Plant in Mounds. Plant your cucumbers on slightly tapered hills if you’re planting them directly in the soil.

Seeding vs. transplanting. A transplant’s added strength and growth give your cucumbers a better chance of avoiding a beetle attack.

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