Festive Celery Reindeer Snacks


These Celery Reindeer Snacks are a fun, easy, festive, and nutritious snack to bring to your next holiday party.

Even if it’s been a crazy day, you can make this festive snack recipe in less than 10 minutes. It requires just a few ingredients and you’ll still make it to the party on time.


– Celery Sticks – Raspberries – Peanut Butter – Hazelnut Spread – Pretzel twists – Candy eyes

Cut up the celery sticks into four pieces and fill half with chocolate spread.


Fill the rest of your celery sticks with peanut butter.

Cut pretzels in half and place them at the top of each celery stick. Gently press until it sticks.

Place a candy eye just below each pretzel antler and lightly press into the celery filler.

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