Easy Pear & Apple Nachos


Looking for a quick and easy sweet treat? These Pear & Apple Nachos are quick & easy to make with ingredients found in your kitchen!

Dessert Nachos are one of our families favorite desserts or after school snack. It’s healthy, sweet and there’s no guilty feeling afterwards.


– Apple – Pear – Almond butter – Shredded coconut –Almonds – Chocolate chips – Golden raisins

Start by slicing your pear.


Then cut up your apple into slices using a knife or apple slicer.

Once they are sliced, lay them out on a plate or wooden cutting board which makes a beautiful presentation.

Next, melt the almond butter in a for 30-45 seconds. We placed the almond butter in a plastic bag and snipped off the end. Drizzle the almond butter over the top of the pears and apples.

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