Curry Chicken Salad With Apples

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Curry chicken salad with apples is a quick way to a filling and nutritious meal. All you need are 10 minutes and one bowl and you’ve got a hearty yet refreshing salad that’s sure to appeal to any taste preferences. Spicy curry and sweet, crisp apples … you can’t go wrong!


Greek Yogurt curry powder onion powder salt and pepper to taste chicken Cosmic Crisp® apples dried cranberries celery cilantro

Mix the Greek yogurt, curry powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper in a large mixing bowl.

How to Make Curry Chicken Salad With Apples

Add the chicken, apples, cranberries celery, and cilantro to the bowl and mix until all ingredients are combined.

How to Make Curry Chicken Salad With Apples