Chocolate Covered Apple Heart Treat

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Need to surprise someone special in your life? These Chocolate Covered Apple Heart Treats are the perfect recipe to brighten anyone’s day!

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Let us show you how easy these chocolate covered apple heart treats are to make in with a few simple ingredients.



chocolate melt

candied sprinkles

themed m&m's

How to Make Chocolate Covered Apple Heart Treat:

Microwave your chocolate in 20 second intervals until smooth and creamy. You will want to stir between each 20 seconds.

Cut the apple horizontally into ¼ inch slices. Pat dry and place on baking sheet. Then using a heart shaped cookie cutter punch a heart shape out of each apple slice.

Dip each apple to coat.

Immediately add on any sprinkles and toppings. Refrigerate for 2 + hours to fully set and harden.

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