Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Whether you prep them beforehand for an early morning or you’re just eating something a little different to start your day, you can get all the nutrients you need with smoothies. 

This Blueberry Smoothie Bowl was designed to boost your morning with flavor and energy. Try different kinds of nuts to mix up the flavor of this tasty smoothie!


– Blueberries – Greek yogurt – Coconut milk – Vanilla – Sugar – Protein powder  – Chia seeds

Rinse blueberries and place in a blender along with yogurt, milk, sugar, vanilla, protein powder, ice cubes, and chia seeds. Blend until smooth.


Pour in bowl and top with reserved blueberries, walnuts, coconut, and the 1/4 tsp chia seeds. Serve and enjoy!

For extra protein, try adding peanut butter powder. You can also swap the sugar for maple syrup, stevia, or agave syrup.

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