Apple Animals

Are your kids always begging for salty chips or sugary sweets? Get them excited about more nutritious snacks by turning apples into animals!

These apple animals only take a few minutes each to assemble. They’re Pinterest-worthy but very little hassle.

Kids get a hoot out of this apple owl! You'll need half an apple, 6 thin slices of apple to make wings and two small wedges for ears as well.

Apple Owl

You can whip up this crabby guy in a pinch! Use half of an apple to create the body of the crab and 8 thin slices of apple for the legs.

Apple Crab

Holy cow! This friendly bull will get kids moo-ving to the kitchen for a healthy snack. Use three thick slices of apple to make the nose and eyes of the bull.

Apple Bull

These apple fish are sure to catch the attention of your kids! Create the head by carving a quarter wedge of an apple.

Apple Fish

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