What’s in Season March: Fruits & Vegetables


When we enter March, we know spring isn’t too far behind. With spring just around the corner, are there any fruit and vegetables that come into season in March?

We’ve put this list together for you of fruits and vegetables that come into season in March so that you can put fresh, healthy food to feed your family all month long.

Blackberries are delicious and are as packed full of health benefits as they are high in vitamin C, fiber, vitamin k, and manganese.


Blood oranges look like oranges on the outside but have deep red flesh and juice. As a result, blood oranges are sweeter and less tangy than most.

Blood Orange

Granny Smith apples are firm and known for their face-puckering tartness. However, it is one of the best apples to cook and bake.

Granny Smith Apple

Green Anjou pears have a dense flesh that does well when baked, poached, or roasted. They are also delicious alone as a snack or sliced fresh for salads.

Green Anjou Pear

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