What is a Farmer’s Market?


What to Know Before Your First Trip

Going to the Farmer's Market is perfect for getting some shopping done for items you can’t find at your typical local supermarket.

By cutting out the middleman, these farmers will receive more profit while the shoppers will receive the freshest produce available, so this is a win-win situation for both parties!

What can I purchase at a Farmer's Market?

You can expect to find a large variety of items that stallholders have. It may even be some of the very best items in the country!

Some great examples can include: – Baked goods such as cakes and bread – Flowers and bouquets – Marmalade, Chutney, Jam, and Jelly – House plants – Herbs – Beverages – Dairy products – Meat and Fish – Handmade crafts and art – Fruits and vegetables – Special items

Bring Bags. Farmer's Markets are all about the eco-living mentality. Some vendors may not even supply their customers with bags.

How to Navigate Your First Farmers Market Trip

Bring Cash. On the off-chance that some vendors may accept only cash, bringing some small bills and change should be a good idea. You don’t want to end up empty-handed!

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