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These Turkey Animal Pears are a great Thanksgiving Table Idea. Grab the kids and let them have some fun putting these pear desserts together.


1 Serving






Step 1 Begin by washing your produce. Next, insert 4 wooden skewers into the backside of the pear.

How to Make Turkey Pears

Step 2 Once the skewers are securely in place add your ingredients to make the “turkey”. We started with pepperoni and cheese. Then we added a blackberries and raspberries. You can be creative and make it your own!

How to Make Turkey Pears

Step 3 Attach the candy eyes using a small dap of icing to secure the candy eyes into place. Then, insert two toothpicks under the eyes. The top toothpick is for the beak. You can use the end of a carrot or cut a piece of the cubed cheese into a triangle and the bottom toothpick for the wattle using the red bell pepper. Next, slice a red pepper to create the turkey’s wattle.

How to Make Turkey Pears

Step 4 Using two more toothpicks, attach carrot coins for the feet of the turkey.

How to Make Turkey Pears

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