Thanksgiving Food Art: Table Centerpiece Craft

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Our Thanksgiving food art display will delight every member of your family from the kids to the grandparents!

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We’ll show you how to use fruits, veggies, pretzel sticks, and candy to make festive Thanksgiving-themed treats.




black berries



yellow pepper

We started with tasty drumsticks. To make a drumstick, start by making a hole in the top of the pear. Dip a pretzel rod into white chocolate to make the bone.

We turned pears into turkeys, too! Pieces of red and orange pepper became the beak and mouth. We sliced carrots to make the shape of feet.

To make the tail, skewer pieces of carrots and yellow pepper with toothpicks, then arrange the toothpicks along the top of the pear. Candy eyes complete these cute turkeys.

These are made out of kiwis! Peel the kiwi, but save some of the skin and cut it into the shape of a pilgrim hat. Use white chocolate and pieces of yellow pepper for the belt.

Decorate your tray with blackberries and cantaloupe! We dipped blackberries into whipped cream cheese to make a delicious garnish.

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