Strawberry Christmas Tree

This Edible Strawberry Christmas Tree is a three-dimensional fruit tray that is sure to delight your holiday guests! It looks impressive yet is easy to create.

In addition to strawberries and a starfruit, you’ll also need a foam cone (you can get this at a craft supply store) and a box of toothpicks.

Ingredients & Supplies:

– Strawberries – Starfruit – Foam Cone – Toothpicks – Plastic Wrap

Begin by washing your strawberries and removing the stems.


Push a toothpick through the stem-end of each strawberry, leaving half of the toothpick exposed.

Beginning at the bottom of the foam cone, affix the strawberries to it by pushing the exposed side of the toothpick in the foam.

Continue all the way up and around the cone. Using a toothpick, secure a slice of starfruit to the top of the tree to create the tree topper.

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