Spiralized Apple and Citrus Salad

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We love salads just about any way they come, but this Spiralized Apple and Citrus Salad is one of our favorites for wintertime.

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This salad is special enough to serve on Christmas day. Its crisp flavors will help bring balance to your holiday meal which is most likely composed of heavier dishes.


lemon juice and zest

orange juice and zest


olive oil


gala apples

How to Make this Spiralized Apple and Citrus Salad:

Zest and juice lemon and orange. Mix all dressing ingredients in bowl, set to the side.

Spiralize the Gala apple. Mix in the rest of the salad ingredients.

Top with orange segments and goat cheese.

Dried blueberries add a bit of sweetness while red onions add a sharp aromatic kick, both compliment the apples really well.

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