Raspberry  Keto Mousse


Got a sweet tooth? A Raspberry Keto Mousse cup is just what you’re looking for! Whipping up this mousse is fast, easy, and only takes three ingredients.

This mousse isn’t just delicious because it’s guilt-free. With tart, juicy raspberries, it’s bursting with addicting flavor!

– Heavy cream – Monkfruit sweetener – Raspberries


Wash the raspberries thoroughly and dry well. Pour heavy cream into bowl. Begin mixing with a beater.


Sprinkle in sweetener and continue mixing until stiff peaks form. Add 6 oz. (1 package) raspberries.

Continue to mix. Berries will break down and fluff will turn pink.

Cover bottom of parfait-style cups or trifle-style bowls with whole raspberries. Fill to top with mousse.

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