Peaches and Cream Waffles

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe.

Try our Peaches and Cream Waffle Recipe for a spin on the traditional waffle recipe! They are light, fluffy and loaded with the freshn sweet taste of Prima® peaches.


– All-purpose flour – Baking soda – Baking powder – Salt – Granulated sugar – Egg – Buttermilk or milk soured with about 1 tbsp. lemon juice – Canola oil – Cinnamon – Prima® peaches, pureed – Prima® peaches, sliced for topping – Whipped cream for topping – Maple Syrup for topping

Step 1 First, sift and stir together dry ingredients in bowl.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

Step 2 Next, add egg, buttermilk, and oil to dry ingredients. Stirring until moistened.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

Step 3 Then, wash, slice, and puree peaches, peeling and all. Fold into mixture, and stir well.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

Step 4 Lightly spray you waffle maker with cooking spray, if needed. You could also use butter.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

Step 5 Cook waffles until they reach a nice golden color and are completely cooked through.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

Step 6 Finally, top each waffle with whipped cream, sliced peaches and maple syrup.

Peaches & Cream Waffles

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