MandaRosa Mimosa

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Time to pop that champagne bottle! Give your day some extra sparkle with this MandaRosa Mandarin Mimosa.

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Made with freshly-squeezed MandaRosa mandarins, this delightful drink beats typical mimosas with fizzy, fruity flavor.

A MandaRosa may look like a typical Mandarin orange from the outside, but slice it open and you’ll find rosy red flesh.


mandarosa juice

champagne or sparkling wine

mandarosa wedges

How to Make MandaRosa Mimosa:

Add MandaRosa juice to a champagne flute and add champagne or sparkling wine.

When the MandaRosa juice and sparkling wine mix they’ll begin to fizz, so remember not to fill your glass all the way to the top.

Garnish with a wedge of MandaRosa and serve immediately.

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