Create a Fresh Fruit Waffle Bar

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Hosting a party? Create a Fresh Fruit Waffle Bar for your guests! It's a great, easy way to feed your guests.

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The best part about a waffle bar is how impressive it looks without a lot of effort. A Fresh Fruit Waffle Bar is great for bridal showers, baby showers, or holiday brunches.

FRESH FRUIT Ingredients





banana slices

apple slices


Chopped walnuts

Chopped pecans

Cacao nibs


Dark chocolate chips


Syrups & TOPPERS

Chocolate sauce

Maple syrup

Whipped cream


Peanut butter

Crème Fraiche

How To Build A Fresh Fruit Waffle Bar:

Decide on your waffle bar menu. We recommend at least 2 kinds of waffles, one a classic, plain waffle. For the second, consider a whole wheat option or chocolate waffles.

Prep your fruit by washing and slicing it. Chop up nuts. Store toppings in individual bowls that you can serve from at the party.

The morning of your party, build your waffle bar. Place items in this order: waffles, fruit, crunchy items, sauces/syrups/whipped toppings.

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