Christmas Pancakes

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Christmas is the most magical time of year. Bring some of that Christmas magic to your child’s breakfast!

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By using a few items from the produce department, you can transform ordinary pancakes into extraordinary Christmas pancakes!


pancake mix



whipped cream

shredded coconuts (optional)

How to Make Christmas Pancakes:

To make Christmas pancakes, whip up your favorite pancake mix, cook as normal.

Decorate with fruit, nuts, and whipped topping. Here are our favorite Christmas shapes to make:

Christmas Tree and Candy Cane Pancakes

To make these, we simply poured the pancake mix into a liquid measuring cup with a spout and then drizzled it into a hot skillet into the shapes we wanted.

Use banana slices to create Santa’s beard and strawberries to form his hat. Slice your strawberries in half, from top to bottom, so they lay flat on the plate.

Santa Pancakes

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