Celery — How to Use This Affordable Ingredient to Stretch Your Family’s Food Budget


With inflation on the rise, there’s one ingredient that may not have crossed your mind to stretch your family’s food budget. Celery.

Celery is always a staple in home kitchens. But how can we stretch this one veggie for many options?

– Versatile – Affordable – Nutritious – Plentiful

It is ideal for stretching your budget because it’s:

There’s a whole world of opportunities to sprinkle celery into your meals and stretch the food budget for your family.


Matcha, lemons, and celery juice make this drink refreshing and help with digestion and staying alert.

Dandy Celery Juice Matcha Lemonade

This recipe blows us away because of all the veggies in this dessert — corn, radishes, and celery.

Sweet Corn Bread Pudding with Radish Marmalade & Celery Ice Cream

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