Caramel Apples

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This super simple Caramel Apple recipe is one that your entire family will have fun creating together.

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The best part is that once you make your apples, you can customize them to your liking!



caramel squares

heavy cream or water


popsicle or candy sticks

Rinse the apples thoroughly. Insert a caramel apple stick. In a medium bowl, melt the caramels in :30 second increments. Be sure to stir in between.


Next, dip apples one at a time into caramel at an angle so it covers nearly to the top center. Then, rotate and turn to coat the apple.

Immediately roll in toppings (or sprinkle with toppings) before caramel sets. Turn apples upright and place on a prepared baking sheet in the fridge, repeat the process.

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