10 Ways To Use Fresh Cranberries


It’s hard to miss the vibrant red color of the fresh cranberries on display as you walk through the door of your grocery store. But how do you use fresh cranberries? 

There are many more uses for them other than stringing them with popcorn for your Christmas tree. Today we’re sharing 10 great ways to use fresh cranberries.

Fresh Cranberry Sauce

If you’ve never made it before, you might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to make. In addition to fresh cranberries, all you’ll need is sugar, orange juice, cinnamon, and water.

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and a great source of vitamin C. Not only that, but they’ll add wonderful color to your smoothie.

Smoothie Add-In

Cranberries are a great addition to many different baked goods. Two of our favorites? Cranberry Cookies and Cranberry Biscotti.

Baked Goods

It’s hard to imagine a more spirited cocktail for Christmas than one that includes cranberries. Their rich red color makes for a festive and appealing appearance.

Cranberry Cocktails

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