What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

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Sage Fruit Company has been a member of The Produce Moms’ family of partners for many years. It’s a brand that we know well and trust to bring the highest quality apples, cherries, pears, and stone fruits to shoppers. There are many reasons we place our trust in Sage Fruit, from their growing practices to how they treat their employees.

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

They Grow The Highest-Quality Tree Fruits

Quality is of the utmost importance at Sage Fruit, beginning in the orchard. Growers at Sage Fruit team up with horticultural specialists to ensure their commodities are grown to the highest standards and are harvested at the peak of freshness. Once the fruit is harvested and arrives at the warehouse, it is inspected by the quality control team, packaged and re-inspected to guarantee only the best fruit make it to stores. The high standards that guide their farming and packaging processes leads to an exceptional eating experience. 

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

They Are Experienced Farmers

The growers behind Sage Fruit have been farming in the fertile Yakima Valley for multiple generations. They are experts on the land and the fruits they grow. Sage Fruit growers implement sustainable farming practices which helps them stay competitive in the market.

Sage Fruit uses cutting edge growing practices, including high-density planting. This practice promotes the health of apple trees while also producing the best color and size of fruit. With this method, the tree buds get more light and all the limbs are exposed making maintenance easier. Happy, healthy orchards produce the best fruit!

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

They Treat Their Employees Like Family

Many of the dedicated and hardworking people working in the Sage Fruit orchards and packaging facilities have been there since the beginning. Sage Fruit only partners with growers and shippers who share the same values with their employees. A dedicated team is essential to bringing quality products to the marketplace.

What Makes Sage Fruit Special? What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

They Listen & Respond To Customers

Sage Fruit is constantly evaluating consumer demand and needs. Organics, for example, have become increasingly popular and Sage Fruit is on the forefront of developing desirable, organic options.

Additionally, they have responded to the desires of parents looking to help their children make healthier eating choices by introducing kid-friendly packaging. Fun packaging inspires kids to choose snacks in the produce aisle, which is a huge help to parents!

Sage Fruit knows that shoppers want access to high-quality fruits year-round. Their efficient growing methods make this possible. They also focus on bringing new varieties to the marketplace while working diligently to perfect the current popular varieties and plant new orchards accordingly. 

What Makes Sage Fruit Special?

To learn more about Sage Fruit:

Be sure to look for Sage Fruit products in your grocer’s produce department. They supply fruit to retailers nationwide as well as Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico and Canada. Then visit Sage Fruit’s website for delicious recipes using apples, cherries, pears, and stone fruits.

Here are some of our favorite Sage Fruit Recipes!

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  1. Hi! I am a supervisor at Kent School District Nutrition Services. During the summer we serve free summer meals for children at 35+ sites in Kent WA. My goal is to have fresh fruit in every lunch during the summer. We have been purchasing from a farmer in Sunnyvale WA who makes delivery once a week. Does Sage make deliveries on the west side of the mountains? Do they give bids to school districts? Thank you.