Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Leftover Soup

Thanksgiving means there’s often some food leftover. You could simply reheat it in the microwave… or you could make an incredible slow cooker Thanksgiving leftover soup!

This tasty soup gives all your holiday favorites a second chance. It's a great way to put them back on the table before they go bad in your fridge.


– Shredded Turkey – Mashed Potatoes – Gravy – Chicken Broth – Vegetables, any variety

To start this soup, simply shred your turkey and add it to the slow cooker.


Add mashed potatoes, gravy, and any veggies you cooked for your feast, like carrots or green beans.

Next, add chicken broth to pull it all together. A few hours in the slow cooker turns your Thanksgiving leftovers into a delicious slow cooker soup!

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