Leprechaun Veggie Tray


This Leprechaun Veggie Tray will make everyone feel a little more Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Not only is this veggie tray filled with nutritious and delicious fresh vegetables, but it will be the perfect centerpiece for your St. Paddy’s gathering.

– Bell Peppers  – Black Olives  – Carrots  – Cauliflower – Cherry Tomato  – Cucumbers  – Crackers


Wash and prep all of your vegetables. On a tray, place the hummus in the center as the face.


Build out the leprechaun hat using cauliflower and broccoli florets.

Next, you will build the leprechaun face in the hummus.

Finally, you will finish off the leprechaun tray by making the beard. Use crackers as the base.

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