Just Crack An Egg Recipes


Whether you are meal prepping or looking for quick breakfast recipes, these Just Crack an Egg recipes are a quick way to jump start your morning routine.

Who doesn’t want a quick, healthy and delicious recipe? There are several options when it comes to Just Crack an Egg Recipes. Think of it as an omelet ready to go in a mason jar!

What is a Just Crack an Egg Recipe?

It’s an easy way to prepare breakfast. Simply, layer ingredients into a mason jar. Be sure to wash and dry your egg and set on top of the ingredients with a muffin liner.

We layered baby spinach, diced ham, grapes tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese for our first version! It came out so delicious!

For our second version we came up with diced bell pepper, grape tomatoes, corn, diced jalapeno, Mexican blend cheese and cilantro.

Next, we wanted a veggie version! We added baby spinach, mushrooms, diced onion, grape tomatoes and swiss cheese. Equally as amazing!

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