How To Store Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes

Have you ever gone to your potato stash ready to boil them, mash them, or stick them in a stew, only to find them withered, smelly, and spouting? Don’t worry – it’s happened to all of us.

But with proper care and storage, potatoes can last for weeks or even months. Here’s a step-by-step guide for ensuring your potatoes have a delicious future!

Storing Potatoes

Pick the best-looking potatoes you can. When you’re picking the potatoes you want to store, avoid ones with sprouts, soft spots, and pest or shovel damage. 

Don’t wash your potatoes before storing them. Potatoes tend to store well if they’re as fresh from the ground as possible. A little dirt is fine during storage; wash it off before cooking.

Find a good storage spot. Keep them somewhere dark. Sunlight can cause your potatoes to begin sprouting, so don’t keep them out on the counter.

Let them breathe. Potatoes need to breathe during storage. Keeping them in a sealed container can cause them to become shriveled.

Keep them away from other fruits and vegetables. The ripening gases given off by onions and other fruits and vegetables cause potatoes to sprout, severely shortening their shelf life.

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