How to Make  Green Goodess salad recipe

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If you are looking for a recipe that feeds a crowd and is light and airy, then you will love this Green Goddess Salad recipe.


12 servings






– 1 small cabbage finely diced or iceberg lettuce – 3-4 cucumber – 1 bunch green onions sliced – 1/4 cup chives finely sliced – Green Goddess Dressing – juice of 2 lemons – 1/4 cup olive oil – 2 tbsp rice vinegar – 2 cloves garlic – 1 small shallot – 1 cup fresh basil – 1 cup spinach – 1/3 cup nutritional yeast – 1/4 cup walnuts – 1 tsp salt


Step 1 In a large bowl add the cabbage, cucumbers, green onions and chives. Toss together.

How to Make A  Greek Goddess Salad


Step 2 In a food processor or blender combine lemons, olive oil, rice vinegar, garlic, shallot, basil, spinach, nutritional yeast and walnuts. Blend until smooth.

How to Make A  Greek Goddess Salad


Step 3 Pour the salad dressing over the top of the salad ingredients. Stir to combine until well coated.

How to Make A  Greek Goddess Salad

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