Blueberry Moscow Mule

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If you’ve never had a Moscow Mule you are in for a treat! We are showing you how to make a Blueberry Moscow Mule in just a few minutes with a homemade Blueberry Infused Vodka!


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– 1 cup Fresh Naturipe® Blueberries, washed – 1 cup of Vodka – 3 oz. Blueberry Infused Vodka – 1 Lime, juiced – 6 oz can Ginger Beer – Crushed Iced – Fresh Mint Leaves – Naturipe® Blueberries, garnish


Step 1 It starts by making your own Blueberry Infused Vodka! Once you’ve made the vodka, grab two copper mugs. Also, you can see our Infused Vodka Recipe for those directions!

How to Make a Blueberry Moscow Mule


Step 2 Place a few mint leaves into the bottom of your copper mug. Next, muddle the leaves until they are broken down. This helps to release the mint flavor that is traditionally found in a Moscow Mule.

How to Make a Blueberry Moscow Mule


Step 3 Next, add in the blueberry vodka along with a handful or two of ice.

How to Make a  Blueberry Moscow Mule


Step 4 Next, add in the juice of 1 lime.

How to Make a Blueberry Moscow Mule


Step 5 Then, you’ll want to add in your favorite ginger beer or ginger ale if using.

How to Make a Blueberry Moscow Mule


Step 5 Garnish with fresh Naturipe® Blueberries and mint leaves.

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