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Farming Methods

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a legally defined system of agriculture which seeks to use ecological methods of production.  Its goal is to learn from and mimic natural processes in order to produce the food we eat while also allowing our farmers to be better stewards of the land. Organic farmers forego the use of synthetic petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and weed killers in favor of more environmentally benign inputs and techniques. Learn more here.

Fruits & Veggies

Are frozen veggies less nutritious than fresh?

NO! Frozen vegetables are typically just as nutrient-rich as raw vegetables. Why? Because frozen vegetables are often frozen the day of or day after they are harvested, preserving the nutrients. Raw vegetables may have been sitting on their produce stand at the grocery store for a few days after being harvested, progressively losing nutrients with each passing day. The most nutritious raw vegetables are usually at local markets, so if you want the freshest available veggies, I would recommend checking out a farmers’ market! The sooner you eat the vegetables, the better!

Does cooking vegetables destroy nutrients?

Some (not all) of the nutritional value in vegetables is lost during the cooking process. Vitamins are split up into two different groups: water-soluble (B-complexes, and C) and fat-soluble (A, D, E, and K). During the cooking process, water-soluble vitamins are more likely to be destroyed. However, the veggies containing more of the fat-soluble vitamins will be the veggies that lose the least nutritional value. Learn more here.

How do I select, store & serve fruits and vegetables?

Each fruit and vegetable has their own unique life cycle, ideal means of storing, and tasty recipes. We have a blog category specifically designed for these questions. Learn more here.

My kids don’t like produce. How can I get my kids to eat more fruits and vegetables?

Consuming fruits and vegetables is extremely important for growing children. In order to get your kids to start loving fruits and veggies, it may require some creative ideas. Click here for a great post to get you started!

My local grocery store doesn’t have a specific fruit or vegetable in stock. What do I do?

A little known fact about most grocery stores is that you can talk to the manager of the produce department to request a specific fruit or vegetable. Leave them your name and phone number so they can call you when that item is in their store!

What fruits and vegetables are safe or dangerous for a dog to eat?

Many fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to consume, but it is important to identify the produce items that are dangerous to their health. Click here for a full list.

What nutrients do fruits and vegetables provide?

All fruits and vegetables offer different nutrients, but the majority are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, folate, and fiber.

Healthy Living

Does The Produce Mom recommend a specific diet?

The Produce Mom recommends “healthy eating” over “dieting.” Find out the difference between dieting and healthy eating.

The Produce Mom

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I’m a company wanting more information about joining your Family of Partners. How do I do that?

Excellent! We would love to chat with you about potential partnership. Please email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

I’m a consumer or a food blogger, and want to connect with you. How do I do this?

We would love to connect! Whether you have questions about produce, blog ideas you want to share, etc., please email [email protected], or message us on Twitter or Facebook!

What is Find Your Favorite®?

Find Your Favorite® is a campaign that encourages the students and families of Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to explore the abundant offerings of fruits & vegetables, and find their favorite. Learn more here.

What is Produce Mom Picks?

Produce Mom Picks is a program in grocery retailers that encourages grocery shoppers like you to explore the entire produce department by drawing specific attention to one commodity each week: the “Pick of the Week. Learn more here.

What is the Produce Challenge?

The Produce Challenge Calendar is an interactive calendar filled with seasonal produce. Challenge yourself to try them all and find your favorite! Learn more here.

Who are The Produce Moms™?

The Produce Moms™ is a community of passionate fresh produce advocates with a mission to inspire everyone, especially children, to eat more fruits and vegetables. The Produce Moms educates consumers about fresh produce, introduces them to produce brands, engages the produce industry with consumers in inspiring conversations, and promotes public policy to protect and increase the availability of fresh produce at American schools.