Bare Beans: The Original Plant-Based Protein

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Beans were some of the very first plants cultivated by humans all over the world thousands of years ago. Often times, beans are known as the original plant-based protein. With a great combination of flavor, texture, health benefits, and versatility, beans have maintained their place as a common ingredient, worldwide, since they were discovered.

Bare Beans” The Original Plant-Based Protein

We partnered with Wada Farms and Bare Beans to bring you this eBook, Bare Beans: The Original Plant-Based Protein, filled with easy, at-home plant-based recipes + 52 other ways to incorporate beans into your life. Try one a week for a whole year!

Beans are tasty and filled with nutrients. They are a great source of protein, fiber, iron, and many vitamins that offer health benefits. Beans contain amino acids, which are the protein building blocks that the body uses to heal and to produce new cells. They can be at the heart of the meal or simply be added as an ingredient to your favorite dishes. They can be used as a side or topper added to some of your favorite meals. They can even be a part of your breakfast, snack, or dessert. There are so many easy and fun ways to add the flavor, texture, and nutrients to your table by incorporating Bare Beans.

More About Bare Beans

Simply put, the best thing to ever happen to beans! Let’s be honest, we all love scratch made beans, but if we forget to soak them overnight we are left with only one alternative….THE GROSS CAN!

Bare Beans is the solution:

  • They are fully cooked and ready to eat! 
  • No Liquid to Drain! 
  • No Cans to Open!

Bare Beans believes that you should know what is in your food and where your food comes from. They grow only the best beans on their farms in Idaho and produce a product with clean labels. They believe, “You should decide what gets added to your food, not us.”

The best part is that this eBook is a FREE downloadable PDF!

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