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Get to Know Bare Beans

5 flavors of Bare Beans in row

Simply put, the best thing to ever happen to beans! Let’s be honest, we all love scratch made beans, but if we forget to soak them overnight we are left with only one alternative….THE GROSS CAN!

Bare Beans is the solution!

They are fully cooked and ready to eat!

No Liquid to Drain! No Cans to Open!

Bare Bean Are Better

This is Why…
It’s time to spill the beans. Until now, you’ve had two options:
1) time-consuming dried beans
2) can of mushy beans soaked in unusable liquid and who knows what else

Bare Beans are kettle cooked with no additives or preservatives.
When you open the pouch you get nothin’ but Beans.

5 flavors of Bare Beans


Retail Convenience

  • One pouch replaces one can of beans • No messy liquid to drain
  • No added salt
  • Ready to add to your recipe or snack on them bare
  • Retail 45-day refrigerated shelf life when unopened
  • Use or freeze by date on each pouch
  • Suggested use within 5 days of opening

Convenient & Time Saving for Food Service

  • No added salt, color additives, or firming agents
  • No liquid, no excess waste means less space needed for storage
  • BPA-free boilable and steam-able packaging for operator convenience • Eliminate prep time needed for soaking dried beans
  • Food Service 90-day refrigerated shelf life when unopened
  • Suggested use within 5 days of opening
  • Use or freeze by date on each pouch
  • Vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness

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