Apple, Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide from Applewood Fresh

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As a passionate advocate for fresh produce and education, The Produce Moms® is excited to announce the release of our Apple, Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide from Applewood Fresh. It is well known that wine + cheese go hand-in-hand. But, get ready to add apples to the mix and allow your taste buds to experience the greatness.

The Apple, Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide from Applewood Fresh is all about their Michigan-grown apples: both proprietary and legacy varieties. Our pairings will bring out the rich flavor of each apple.

For each apple, we have created our featured pairing along with other cheese and wine options that would work well with each apple variety. We also share some great tips to building a charcuterie board (with apples and cheese of course)!

The best part is that this eBook is a FREE downloadable PDF!

All you have to do is fill out the short form, and you will be ready to enjoy our favorite apple, cheese and wine pairings!