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Produce Mom Picks is a program that you will find at grocery retailers.  This program encourages grocery shoppers like you to explore the entire produce department by drawing specific attention to one commodity each week: the “Pick of the Week.”  Shoppers are provided with both in-store & online support to help identify how to select, store & serve the Pick of the Week.

Produce Mom Picks is a great tool to help you understand seasonality while shopping in the produce department.  All picks meet The Produce Mom’s criteria of “Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient & Affordable.”

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The program is available now at select retailers in Illinois, Iowa & Wisconsin!  We would love to bring this program to your local grocery store!  Simply ask your local grocery store to carry The Produce Mom’s PMP program & enjoy the support and presence of The Produce Mom® as you shop in the produce department.

I’ve been working in the fresh produce industry for 9 years, hand-in-hand with countless contributors of the supply chain.  I have 2 young children.  My husband & I shop on a budget.  I totally understand your life!  I know what it feels like to spend money on an item and then feel defeated when you get home & have no clue how to prepare it, store it, or even worse – you picked up a bad item because you didn’t know what you were doing & looking for when you selected it. The recipes & tips offered through this program will help us all in our quest to improve the wellness habits at home.

Because of my professional life, I have a comprehensive understanding of all the products that are sold in the produce department.  It’s a true joy to share this “insider information” with you through Produce Mom Picks.  Look for a new Produce Mom Pick featured each and every Monday on our blog, paired with a nutritious recipe using the featured commodity!

Thank you to Certco stores for being the very 1st Produce Mom Picks retailer!

Remember – there’s a Produce Mom in ALL of Us!


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